FemEx Netherlands 2017



The FemEx-Netherlands 2017 (FemEx-NL 2017) conference is organised under the auspices of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS). It is the third of a series of meetings that have the aim to act as catalyst for Female Excellence in the field of theoretical chemistry and computational modeling. The conference pays tribute to recent important developments in theoretical and computational chemistry by inviting chemists and physicists to attend lectures given mostly given by female speakers and to present their own work as oral communications or posters.
The first meeting was held in 2010 in Tromsø (~80 participants, 75% female), the second in Oslo in 2014 (~100 participants, 70% female). These two gatherings were supported by the Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CTCC), a Norwegian Centre of Excellence shared between the Universities of Tromsø and Oslo, established by the Research Council of Norway, running for a 10-year period, which ended March 2017. Both conferences were very successful with participants from numerous countries.
The senior scientists present in Oslo discussed the desirability to continue the series and came to the conclusion that one should not decide for regular meetings for a longer time span, because the increased participation of females in “normal” meetings will soon make these special gatherings no longer needed. Nevertheless it was decided that it would be expedient, especially for the development of young female theoretical/computational scientists, to have at least one more meeting.
The third meeting, FemEx-Netherlands 2017, takes place in Putten, The Netherlands, with support from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, the Norwegian Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, the University of Groningen, the University of Amsterdam and the Free University of Amsterdam.
Of the 43 lectures to be presented at FemEx-NL 2017, 31 are by invitation, while 12 were reserved for contributed presentations. 81% of the lectures are given by female scientists. The program is without thematic sessions on purpose, so that participants will attend lectures covering all of the theoretical and computational chemistry disciplines, thus getting a broad overview of the latest developments in the field. The speakers have been instructed to prepare their talks for a relatively broad audience.
Photos of FemEx-Netherlands 2017 are now available.
For contact: femex@rug.nl


The organisers are Ria Broer (University of Groningen), Celia Fonseca Guerra (Leiden University)), Paola Gori-Giorgi (VU Amsterdam), Jocelyne Vreede (University of Amsterdam) and Remco Havenith (University of Groningen). The scientific advisory board consists of Benedetta Mennucci (University of Pisa), Trygve Helgaker (University of Oslo), Odile Eisenstein (University of Montpellier), and Evert-Jan Baerends (VU Amsterdam).


Due to circumstances the event has to be moved to the Hampshire Hotel - Mooi Veluwe, Putten, The Netherlands. Putten is located at 1.5 hour from Schiphol, and can be reached by taking the train from Schiphol Airport to Putten, via Amersfoort. Trains go regurlarly every half hour (.05 and .35). From the station, a bus can be taken to the hotel (http://9292.nl/en).
From Schiphol:
A train leaves from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to station Amersfoort every 5 minutes after the hour/half hour from platform 3. Change trains in Amersfoort to station Putten (same platform).
From 10.00 to 14.00 on Thursday June 22 shuttle busses will bring you from Putten Station to the Hampshire hotel. At other times bus number 107 will bring you from Putten Station to the Hampshire hotel.